Dated 213 V


Name Nostra
Motto One Crown, All People
Official Language Common
Demonym Nostran
Area 4.3 miles 2
Population 8,221
GP Limit 5,631 gp
Buy Limit 4,630,934 gp

Nostra is the capital of the Free People’s Republic. King Emlin the Honorable rules the Free People’s Republic from this city, along with his consort, Meer. The Bringers of Light have spent a lot of time in Nostra.

Nostra is currently home to a number of refugees, many from the Outlands and cities such as Gorro. More recently, refugees have arrived in Nostra from Fort Tak, Freetop, and Maldideg. Over the past few months, there has been a revival of Pelorism in Nostra, thanks to the arrival of Cleric Harmonia Barsamian.

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