House Rules

The following is an incomplete, though improving, list of house rules for Dark Continent: campaigns.


  • When rolling hp, anything below half max is rounded up to half max (eg 1-4 on a d8 are all the same (4)).
  • Saving throws follow the fractional saving throw system.
  • Base attack bonuses follow the fractional BaB system.
  • Characters can be no older than 120 as of the Quincentennial.
  • Levels are gained when the following three conditions are met: you have sufficient xp, the * DM permits it, and you wish it.
  • Multiclass penalties don’t exist.


  • Clerics receive their spells on their own schedule, not that of their deity.
  • Crusaders and Warblades have each others hit die.
  • Druids now receive their animal companion and advance it at the same time and rate as the Ranger as written.
  • Rangers now receive their animal companion and advance it at the same time and rate as the Druid as written.
  • Swordsages have 6+Int skill points each level, four times that at first.
  • Monks enjoy full BaB.
  • The Barbarian is literate.


  • A natural 20 is a critical threat. If confirmed with a natural 20, it is a maximum damage critical threat. If this attack is confirmed, the attack deals maximum damage. If this second confirmation fails, the attack remains a critical hit.
  • A natural 1 is a critical miss threat. If confirmed by a second roll which would miss, bad things occur at the DM’s discretion. These tend to be Attacks of Opportunity against the player or the loss of iteratives for the round.
  • Death occurs at negative Constitution score.

E6 Rules

  • There is a 6th level cap.
  • Each further chunk of 5,000xp allows you to take a feat.


  • Don’t try to Pazuzu.
  • Or Hastur.


  • Metamagic reducers cannot reduce the cost of any metamagic below +0.


  • If you break the game, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Drowning does not heal.
  • Characters fulfilling goals or being awesome may be rewarded inspiration. This is binary; you have it or you don’t. No stocking up twelve “inspirations”
  • At any point between the roll of a d20 and the DM announcing the result, you may use your inspiration to allow a second d20 to be rolled, with the higher result counting. You may use this on allies as well.
  • Sexual assault does not exist, is not conceivable, and is not possible.
  • A week is five days. Anything that uses the term “week” in RAW will be addressed as it becomes pertinent.
  • A month is six weeks.
  • A year is twelve months.


  • The standard D&D pantheon as listed in Deities and Demigods is canon (though myth, power, and personality may not match perfectly) with the following changes:
  • Garl Glittergold does not exist.
  • Vecna has been destroyed since Brightday 23 DF 0 (or 213 V).
  • Yl, god of merchants and trade, is added to the pantheon.


  • Resistance to fire applies to lava damage as it does to lava. It grants no immunity.


  • Thought Bottles do not exist.
  • Candles of Invocation do not exist.
  • Masterwork Tools can get silly. Each skill’s tool needs DM approval, or must match a previous ruling.
  • Masterwork knowledge tools are books. They weigh two pounds each. They take a minute of perusal to use. Usual cost. Each individual knowledge skill requires a different book.
  • Masterwork Artisan’s Tools provide a +2 on all craft skills which does not stack with any Masterwork Tool of Craft (x). The only exception is Craft (Alchemy) for which the Masterwork Artisan’s Tools only allow the crafter to avoid the usual -2 penalty a crafter without even basic Artisan’s Tools suffers (this means that for Craft (Alchemy), the Masterwork and basic Artisan’s Tools are no different). The only way to receive the +2 tool-based Circumstance Bonus to Craft (Alchemy) is to purchase the expensive and unwieldy Alchemist’s Lab.
  • Flasks weigh .5 pounds.
  • Vials have negligible weight, but retain stated dimensions.


  • Gnomes do not exist.
  • Kender exist even less.
  • There is no such thing as a racial limit to which languages you can begin with. If you have the int and the language isn’t secret, grab it if you want.


  • Diplomacy is not a flat DC. Who thought that was a good idea?
  • Nat 1’s on Knowledge checks do not lead to misinformation. It may be worth noting here that there could potentially be misinformation gleaned through knowledge checks anyway simply because this is what is believed to be true.
  • Knowledge checks may be made untrained, but success hinges partially on the character’s background in these cases.


  • Polymorph and all related spells do not exist.
  • Single-form transformation spells do not fall under this ruling
  • Raise Dead, Resurrection, Reincarnate, and similar spells which impose level penalties upon restoring the dead to life instead inflict permanent negative levels.
  • Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere is transparent and allows sound to pass through, though no sonic attacks.
  • Materials created by Wall of Iron or related spells lasts only one week/caster level, though the duration is still instantaneous.
  • Bonus spells for high ability scores exist for cantrips/orisons as well.
  • Only one Contingency can be in effect on a character at a time.
  • Clerics receive their spells at any time they fulfill the requirements—not the same time each day, necessarily.
  • Epic spellcasting requires ten weeks spell research and uses an Artifact focus.
  • Conjuration (Healing) spells are now Necromancy (Healing); this may change some prerequisites that require Spell Focus (Conjuration) to Spell Focus (Necromancy) if the grounds for the prerequisite can reasonably assumed to be healing.
  • Bless Water now requires 25gp of silver minus the value of the water’s container (usually a flask (3cp) and never more than 1gp in value). This is to balance the cost of creating it (25.03gp before this change) with the cost of purchase (25gp).


  • Psionics are canonically nonexistent, with the exception of the slight psionic ability of naturally psionic monsters, z.B. keranii.
  • Truenaming is not a known magic.


  • Unseelie Fey has an LA of -.

House Rules

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