Name Freetop
Motto N/A
Official Language Dwarvish
Demonym Freetop
Area 28.274 miles 2
Population 6,436

Government: Freetop enjoys semi-autonomy under the Thaumaturge General, though the office is appointed by royal decree.

Economy: Freetop is chiefly a city of mages, who rely on the special economic status of the city to fatten their purses. The mundane sectors of the city are the service workers, the farmers who enjoy a year-round growing season, and the miners who have yet to exhaust the moderately rich mines around the city (and who occasionally have to flee boiling floods when the underground hot springs break through).

Geography: Freetop is located in a caldera at the top of a dormant volcano in the Hammerfalls. Near the city, higher in the caldera, are the mines.

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